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miranda_baby in jan_2010

Belly pics.. progression.. slight but there..

its not huge but it will be fun to look back so I am posting anyway!


4-5 weeks 05.13 Photobucket

10w 1d 06.15 10w 1d 06.15

14w 2d 07.14 14w 2 d 07.14

Can't wait to see Bean belly next month!

We had an appt yesterday .. s/he's at 148bpm. My dr has no concern waht-so-ever about my LEEP and cervix so thats good. We get our anatomy scan *next* month! Next month, it seemed so far away before but I think things will double-speed up after.. I can't wait.

Our names are: Sophia Elizabeth or Nicolas Ethan (nn Nico like Nee-ko). I can't wait to give this baby a name.

:::le sigh:::



My friend has a little boy named Nicolas, and she calls him Nico for short too! She's italian so it only seem natural! Lol.

And I agree on giving the baby a name. I get so tired of referring to my child as 'it'.
My mom thought "it" was tacky - I am hoping for a girl but didnt want to call it "she/her" to get my hopes up too far and just doesnt feel right to call it a "he/him" so Bean has been my nn for about 8 weeks.

I am most excited about being able to say "I am having a daughter, Sophia" or "I am having a son, Nicolas".. I cant wait! 4 more weeks and I get the good info....
I've been bothering people by referring to sproglet as he instead of it. It seems wrong calling him it, but apparently calling him him instead of it means I want a boy more than a girl and I'll be disappointed next month if the scan shows a girl. People need to shut up. :P It'll be so nice to be able to call the baby a name after next month!

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