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preg kick

meeksnmeebs in jan_2010

13w2d small update

What symptoms are you experiencing and how are you feeling in general?
Still terribly nauseated, tired, lots of gas pains (apparently, cuz I didn't know that's what they were). I feel a heck of a lot better when I'm laying down for the most part, which makes getting up and standing on my feet at work for 7 to 9 hours very difficult.

What's been happening recently with your prenatal care?
Heard the heartbeat for the first time at my 12 week appointment! It was really strong, and it was funny because my doc found it in like 10 seconds. I like her more or less, but I'm looking into midwifery, see below.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
My husband and I are trying to process through our debt so we can make the divorce go smoother. We haven't even been married a year yet, but we both know this just isn't right. We rushed into getting married, and would probably already be separated if I weren't pregnant.
I'm excited to have my really good "friend" coming from England for a visit in 3 weeks. He's been super supportive, and tries to look out for me from afar.

Any questions you want to ask?
Is there anyone else seeking out a midwife in Illinois? I can't believe it's illegal to practice, but I'm looking into a home birth, since my doctor is starting to scare the hell out of me and my step-mom keeps raving about what a great surgeon she is.

Any Belly pictures?
I've taken some, but I'm not impressed with them, so not yet.


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