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Juliana 8 Months

thesara in jan_2010

Someone noticed!

I work in a large office of I want to say around 100+ people including all of the warehouse guys. So, it's easy to say that I don't know everyone on that personal of a level that they all know that I'm pregnant. Today I was walking down the hall and a woman from my old department stopped me and asked all quiet if I was pregnant and I was so happy because she's the first person that has noticed and has asked! I'm so excited I just had to share :)

Has anyone else out there been asked yet? Wasn't it so exciting for people to notice that you're pregnant and not if you've just been gaining weight or look like you're gaining weight?


My assistant worked it out because of my bad skin! No one has noticed the bump yet (thankfully, as I'm not planning on making any official announcements for a few weeks yet.)
No one has noticed for me yet, but they could anytime.
I know exactly what you mean. I feel like my posture has changed and that I walk a little "prouder" than usual and my hips sway a little differently. I thought that was just me.
I already feel like I waddle! There is definitely a difference in my walk.
ME TOO!!! i'm so glad i'm not alone!
I had a crazy homeless man tell me I was pregnant before I even knew myself, but that doesn't count. Besides that, nope! No one has noticed. But my coworkers who know I'm pregnant are commenting on my belly and one has even asked to touch it, which was SUPER exciting.

no one at work has said anything but I told everyone when I was like 6 weeks pregnant. No one would be able to tell yet though. I'm a bigger gal too, so it will be a while before anyone notices a potential pregnant belly

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