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Me and E.

mrsmaynard in jan_2010

11.5 weeks update

just wanted to pop in and say I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time today on the doppler at my Doctors appointment :) what a wonderful sound. As of today I have gained 0 pounds and all else is well. My pant's however will not do up anymore :) I ordered one of those elastic extension kits for now.

How's everyone else doing?


yay! That is such a beautiful sound. I am with you on the 0lbs weight gain. I am trying not to worry, as I know I will laugh about it in the 3rd trimester. I swear I can gain a lb just by looking at a donut in the 3rd trimester. A few of my smaller size 2 pants don't fit, but some still do. I am going to have to use my belly belt soon.
Ya I gained it all in the second and third last time as well. That is so normal.
I am no size 2 though, haha, I am a size 14 so I only need to gain 20ish pounds total. That is exactly what I gained last time.
I started out this size with my first, way back in 2001. When I had my second and third I was much bigger. My 3rd is almost 4, and I had just got back to my before kids size a few months before I found out I was pregnant this time. I am really hoping I don't end up at the same 175lbs that I was when I had all three of my other babies. I gained 65lbs with my first. EEK!
65 pounds. Eek indeed wow! haha You grow girl!
I blame the ice cream sandwiches...
*wild happy claps*

I didn't weigh myself when I first became pregnant, so I'm not sure where I started, but my typical trend is to lose from not being able to eat a damn thing, then gain in the second and third trimesters. I'm hoping not to put on too much, though (I'm already a size 2mumble).
i havent gained any weight yet either! I know the midwife is happy cuz Im a bigger gal to begin with. My pants are snug, and had to buy stretchy pants for work. I'm tired and waiting for this second trimester return of energy to hit me...lol! I'm 14 weeks tomarrow!
congrats on the heartbeat!
I can't wait to hear mine's heartbeat! I have to wait until 13w. (boo! hiss!!) But it must have been terrific! Congrats! :D As for weight gain, I have no idea. I don't keep track. I'm petite generally and certainly my pants haven't fit for a few weeks already but actual weight? I don't know. Why stress, right? :D

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