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miranda_baby in jan_2010

Nursery ideas..

We have two rooms avail in our house.. the
big roomPhotobucket and

or the
little roomPhotobucket and

The "big room" is like 11'x13' with the "little room" only being maybe a foot shorter on both sides. Equal closet space - with the LR having a single window and the BR having a double window. The LR is about 7' from our room while the BR is about 15'.

Right now, the 2 1/2 y/o has the LR when he is in town (10 days a month) and the BR is an office. I want to move J (the toddler) into the BR with a couple new fantastic "big boy/big brother" toys to ease the transition of having a new baby and have the LR for the baby/offc (just with my desk, the boyfriends desk will go into our room). The first 6 mos or so the baby will probably be co-sleeping with us and then I like that I can be right with Bean during the day if I share the space with the baby until the babies a year or better.

We have Expedit shelves from IKEA to help with utilizing smaller spaces AND there is a chance that the toddler would come to live with us permanently instead of with his mom primarily. We have monitors and this crazy video cam thing to keep an eye on the baby & we have an alarm we use overnight so I am not as concerned about safety.

My first question is: should the nursery go in the room closest to us or the one with more space bc it will be nursery/my offc combo?

My next question is more fun: If its a boy, I am really considering using Shel Silverstein's book
Photobucket as decor. See samples
. What do you think? I have an artistic side so I was going to paint myself. I LOVE the second picture ALOT!

I have no idea for a girl just yet..

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i love that idea for a nursery! It's so clever, and i totally forgot about that book till now!

I'd do what you are doing.
OMG I don't know how you could have a nursery with that theme and not cry every time you go into it! I LOVE that book but can't read it because I weep every single time.
I think we're going with dr. suess if we have a boy.

The Giving Tree is kind of my son's favorite night time book, so I've got the dust sleeve from it framed in his room.

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