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pebele in jan_2010


I realized I haven't done one of these in a few weeks.

What symptoms are you experiencing and how are you feeling in general?
I was under the impression that I would be feeling better in the second trimester. Someone please inform the fetusmonster of this? I'm still constantly nauseous and I still puke a few times a week. Last week my fatigue was horrible, it seems to be mildly better now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Eating it a crapshoot. All and all? I'm still feeling really crappy.

Oh, and I am totally huge. I don't know if it exactly looks like I'm obviously pregnant yet, but my stomach is rounded and sticks out way farther than it did. I can no longer wear my old jeans. And I had to buy some maternity shirts so that I wouldn't show my belly to the world. Husband says I'm "beautiful". He obviously lies.

What's been happening recently with your prenatal care?
Nothing. My next appt is on the 29th. I'm taking my prenatals and trying to be a good mom-to-be.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
My gramma is not doing well. She had a stroke two weeks ago and her prognosis is horrible. She is also recover8ing from heart surgery. So... yeah. Hello, stress!

Next Wednesday is my husband's and my court date to change our last name. Exciting!

Any questions you want to ask?
how are the other plus-sized ladies doing? I'm having some body issues like woah right now. My husband says I look pregnant, but I am convinced that if you didn't know I was knocked up you'd just think I gained a crapload of weight. It's rough.

Any Belly pictures?
Oops. I didn't have him take any. I will try to get one tonight.


I was overweight by a bit to start (5'10" and 185ish) and carry my fat in my stomach. I had lost a lot of weight and now gaining it back is depressing. I just feel frumpy.
im quite big myself. During my first pregnancy no one would know I was pregnant unless I wore the right cut clothes or just flat out told them. My belly is expanding faster this time so Im hoping for a rounder belly this time! I'd be awesome for the 'B' belly to turn into a 'D' this time! lol I'll admit I get jealous when I see basketball pregnant bellies. I know people complain about others touching their belly and asking questions...but I never got those questions or anyone wanting to know if the baby was kicking. Jealousy for stupid things, lol but i hope i get a more pregnant belly!

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