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wisher7 in jan_2010

Your name?: Rhiannon
Your partner's name?: Glenn
Location?: Santa Cruz, CA
When is your due date?:1/4/2010
Are you going to find out the sex?: yep..and my u/s tech thinks it's a girl (cause she is not too shy to make early guesses...and she is usually pretty accurate)
What are you hoping for?: I want another girl but hubby wants a boy
Is this your first child?:nope
If not, who will be big brother(s)/sister(s)? How old are they?: Jade Aliya is 2 1/2 now and will have just turned 3 when the new one comes along
What are you most excited about?: more babes to cuddle with in the morning (my favorite part of my current day is when my daughter, my cat, and my hubby all get to lie in bed at 6 am...before getting ready for work and all)
What are you least excited about?: I am nervous about finances, because I live in a very expensive city and got my layoff notice yesterday...I am not looking forward to stressing about rent, daycare costs, etc.
Any other information you'd like to share?:  I am pretty excited all in all to have another babe!


lay offs are no fun. My husband has a seasonal job and only works a few months out of the year. So we mostly live off of my income alone. It's hard, but it really helped us budget and learn to save a little here and there. Good luck! Things always work out in the end, even if it's not the way you wanted to get there!

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