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Jul. 20th, 2009



Nursery ideas..

We have two rooms avail in our house.. the big roomCollapse ) or the little roomCollapse ).

The "big room" is like 11'x13' with the "little room" only being maybe a foot shorter on both sides. Equal closet space - with the LR having a single window and the BR having a double window. The LR is about 7' from our room while the BR is about 15'.

Right now, the 2 1/2 y/o has the LR when he is in town (10 days a month) and the BR is an office. I want to move J (the toddler) into the BR with a couple new fantastic "big boy/big brother" toys to ease the transition of having a new baby and have the LR for the baby/offc (just with my desk, the boyfriends desk will go into our room). The first 6 mos or so the baby will probably be co-sleeping with us and then I like that I can be right with Bean during the day if I share the space with the baby until the babies a year or better.

We have Expedit shelves from IKEA to help with utilizing smaller spaces AND there is a chance that the toddler would come to live with us permanently instead of with his mom primarily. We have monitors and this crazy video cam thing to keep an eye on the baby & we have an alarm we use overnight so I am not as concerned about safety.

My first question is: should the nursery go in the room closest to us or the one with more space bc it will be nursery/my offc combo?

My next question is more fun: If its a boy, I am really considering using Shel Silverstein's book The Giving TreeCollapse ) as decor. See samples hereCollapse ). What do you think? I have an artistic side so I was going to paint myself. I LOVE the second picture ALOT!

I have no idea for a girl just yet..

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Jul. 19th, 2009



Big Beefy Intro

Greetings and congratulations to my fellow expectant parents!  Just found / joined the community last night and am hoping to make some great connections with other crazy pregnant ladies wading through hormone heaven.  Here is everything you'd ever want to know (and much, much more!) about me...

Cut, because holy cow I'm chatty todayCollapse )

Jul. 18th, 2009



Belly pics.. progression.. slight but there..

its not huge but it will be fun to look back so I am posting anyway!


Couple pics this wayCollapse )

Can't wait to see Bean belly next month!

We had an appt yesterday .. s/he's at 148bpm. My dr has no concern waht-so-ever about my LEEP and cervix so thats good. We get our anatomy scan *next* month! Next month, it seemed so far away before but I think things will double-speed up after.. I can't wait.

Our names are: Sophia Elizabeth or Nicolas Ethan (nn Nico like Nee-ko). I can't wait to give this baby a name.

:::le sigh:::


Jul. 17th, 2009

preg kick


13w2d small update

What symptoms are you experiencing and how are you feeling in general?
Still terribly nauseated, tired, lots of gas pains (apparently, cuz I didn't know that's what they were). I feel a heck of a lot better when I'm laying down for the most part, which makes getting up and standing on my feet at work for 7 to 9 hours very difficult.

What's been happening recently with your prenatal care?
Heard the heartbeat for the first time at my 12 week appointment! It was really strong, and it was funny because my doc found it in like 10 seconds. I like her more or less, but I'm looking into midwifery, see below.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
My husband and I are trying to process through our debt so we can make the divorce go smoother. We haven't even been married a year yet, but we both know this just isn't right. We rushed into getting married, and would probably already be separated if I weren't pregnant.
I'm excited to have my really good "friend" coming from England for a visit in 3 weeks. He's been super supportive, and tries to look out for me from afar.

Any questions you want to ask?
Is there anyone else seeking out a midwife in Illinois? I can't believe it's illegal to practice, but I'm looking into a home birth, since my doctor is starting to scare the hell out of me and my step-mom keeps raving about what a great surgeon she is.

Any Belly pictures?
I've taken some, but I'm not impressed with them, so not yet.


12 weeks 5 days

What symptoms are you experiencing and how are you feeling in general?
I feel really good, I'm not constantly on the verge of falling asleep anymore, but I'm still pretty wiped out by 9pm! Other than that, I feel pretty good--no nausea or food aversions, this baby likes everything & the spicier the better! I haven't been sleeping very well though, which is a bummer.

What's been happening recently with your prenatal care? We just had our 12 week check up a couple days ago, the dr. said everything seems to be going really well, we got to hear the heart beat!! I can't wait for September so we can find out what this little sprout is!

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
Not really, I've been trying to find time to do some painting and there doesn't seem to be any. Other than that, no complaints...

Any questions you want to ask?

Any Belly pictures?
Read more...Collapse )



What symptoms are you experiencing and how are you feeling in general?
None, actually. I had a few days of headaches and heartburn around weeks 13/14, but they've gone away. My doctor said some of the pain I could be having is round ligament pain, but it's not bad. 

What's been happening recently with your prenatal care?
Had my monthly appointment this past Monday, all is good.  I'm worried about my weight gain, but the doctor isn't.  She's happy I'm still working out as much as I can.  I asked about her c-section rate (about 15%) and she's all for trying everything before going that route, which makes me happy.  We got back on August 10th to have our anatomy scan and regular monthly appointment!

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
We spent a week in Ohio while my husband was finishing up a work project and I got to see family and friends.  Sunday we are heading to the Dominican Republic for a week and I'm very excited- though bummed I can't partake in the all-inclusive drinks and a lot of the food. 

I start back to work August 6th and still haven't told my principal that I'm pregnant. I'm going to email him when I get back to town so I don't show up 18w along and showing.

Any questions you want to ask?
Not at the moment!

Any Belly pictures?
I've had my husband take a couple, but nothing to post.  I just look like I've gotten a little fatter around my tummy.  Though, my husband humors me and says I look pregnant. :)

Jul. 15th, 2009

Juliana 8 Months


Someone noticed!

I work in a large office of I want to say around 100+ people including all of the warehouse guys. So, it's easy to say that I don't know everyone on that personal of a level that they all know that I'm pregnant. Today I was walking down the hall and a woman from my old department stopped me and asked all quiet if I was pregnant and I was so happy because she's the first person that has noticed and has asked! I'm so excited I just had to share :)

Has anyone else out there been asked yet? Wasn't it so exciting for people to notice that you're pregnant and not if you've just been gaining weight or look like you're gaining weight?

Jul. 14th, 2009

Me and E.


11.5 weeks update

just wanted to pop in and say I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time today on the doppler at my Doctors appointment :) what a wonderful sound. As of today I have gained 0 pounds and all else is well. My pant's however will not do up anymore :) I ordered one of those elastic extension kits for now.

How's everyone else doing?

Jul. 9th, 2009


(no subject)

Your name?: Rhiannon
Your partner's name?: Glenn
Location?: Santa Cruz, CA
When is your due date?:1/4/2010
Are you going to find out the sex?: yep..and my u/s tech thinks it's a girl (cause she is not too shy to make early guesses...and she is usually pretty accurate)
What are you hoping for?: I want another girl but hubby wants a boy
Is this your first child?:nope
If not, who will be big brother(s)/sister(s)? How old are they?: Jade Aliya is 2 1/2 now and will have just turned 3 when the new one comes along
What are you most excited about?: more babes to cuddle with in the morning (my favorite part of my current day is when my daughter, my cat, and my hubby all get to lie in bed at 6 am...before getting ready for work and all)
What are you least excited about?: I am nervous about finances, because I live in a very expensive city and got my layoff notice yesterday...I am not looking forward to stressing about rent, daycare costs, etc.
Any other information you'd like to share?:  I am pretty excited all in all to have another babe!

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